Thursday, February 12, 2015

Why you ask.

It’s just another day, another hour gone by,
You find yourself chasing the clouds,
And there’s only so much you can try.
When Destiny holds the key to the future,
How can you ask why?

It’s just another night, another hour gone by,
 I look for signs, willing them from up high
Tears escape my eyes as your words cut too deep
Where did I go wrong? Did I never try?

It’s just another day, another hour gone by,
Your blue skies fade to grey,
And the magic slips through your fingers,
Nothing is built to last and the ruins lie in your eyes.

It’s just another night, another hour gone by,
I knock on Heaven’s door to no reply
The hurt won’t pass and there’s no place to hide.
The door closes on Forever and it’s a sad goodbye.

It’s been days, it’s been nights, and the hours tick by,
Reflections start to lie leaving us no name.
Who are you? Who am I?
Have we reached the end of the line?

Do you still ask why?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


The clouds parted ways and the stars set alight the path for the queen of the night. The moon ascended her throne and the aura of her resplendence bathed the earth in blue. Partaking in the royal camaraderie of the stars, the horizon bowed.

Far down below, oblivious to the celestial courtesy, in the high-walled city of Fate, lay strewn broken dreams, wounded hopes, tainted souls, and grieving hearts. The iridescence of the moon never graced the paths of the down-trodden; neither did the light of day wash over. But tonight did not seem like any other. For tonight, along the winding depths of despair, a soul stirred...

“Princess!”. The call resounded in the darkness. Her feeble attempts to respond to the voice were in vain. Devoid in spirit, she recoiled into a heap among the many carcasses of hearts.

“Princess!”. The unseen force sheltered her being from the fears that threatened to engulf her sanity. With each call, warmth coursed through her veins and her bleeding scars began to close in.

“Princess!”. Within the eerie vacuum of her emptiness, the distinct voice tugged at her heartstrings. She stirred to her feet and tred uneven ground in pursuit of the call. Like an angel he stood with arms outstretched, shimmering on the edge of reason. Against the backdrop of a resplendent moonlit night, life pulsed through her weak frame, willing her forward. Mystified, she stepped into the realm of his aura.

The lines on her face dissolved into the beauty of his youth and her tired eyes reflected the fire that burned bright in his. She cautioned him that in the land of Fate, the ground beneath his feet lay wide open. The truth was all she had to give. His undaunted soul fenced her demons out and his promises enveloped her wounds in a thousand works of art. The touch of his lips set alight dusty corners of her mind and she felt his joy dimpling her cheeks. Basking in the delightful existence of his being, she looked to the skies for the first time and wished upon a star. Her angel was not far. The stars shone brighter than ever and for the first time in what seemed an eternity, she felt the hopeful beating of her still-fragile heart. She found love right where they were.

Fate, in one of his many despised avatars, watched from afar, loathing the rekindling of a spirit. It was his domain after all. Promises were made to be severed and desires always bit the dust. Splitting the skyline in two, with a wave of the wind, he tightened the bonds of her past sending pain searing through her. The angel’s embrace weakened. Her tears extinguished the brightness in her eyes and the promises made to her were hurled into the abyss of disbelief. Alas, the angel contorted into a reflection of the past right before her eyes, condemning, disparaging and questioning her existence. Defying the impulse to cower, she reached out in spite of it all. Memories swirled around her and drew her into a hurricane of words, gnawing at the fragments of her soul, gnashing against each other, casting the shards of her being into the realm of insignificance.

Fate was pleased.

The hurricane swept over leaving the angel with no more than the understanding of what she warned him of. He stood, deprived of a new beginning, rooted to the uneven ground she once tred on. Remains of his words and fragments of her being lay scattered at his feet. He did not redeem her in time. He could not. The dust settled.

On a resplendent moonlit night, in a world sold to Fate, nobody saw it.

On a resplendent moonlit night, nobody but the angel saw a star fall from the skies…