Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yours...and Mine

Your love was a mirage
A mystery that caught my eye
Shimmering in the distance
Untouchable, but oh, how I tried!

Your love adorned the fabric
Of well-knit hopes and dreams
When the threads began unraveling
It tore me apart at the seams

My love was blind
Precariously treading a thin line
Destruction was heading my way
Couldn’t redeem my heart in time.

My love plunged into the depths of your silence
Only to surface empty handed,
The colors on the horizon fade into oblivion
Realization has me stranded.

Stumbling against the walls of my memories,
Sending love crashing to the floor
You left without a second glance
And pain walked in through that open door.

My life hangs in balance as I watch the pendulum sway
Love equals nothing,
Nothing but contorted illusions each day

Strange is our love, making us strangers in time.
Strange was our love, a love once yours… and mine.


  1. As i have always said.. I love the way you write. Your thoughts are clear and you flow is always amazing. But this poem to me is something else. :) its unlike what you usually write. Love you! :)
    miss you angel face! :* Be good.

  2. This post marks the downward spiral of my hope...
    ur always your encouraging self:* cant thank you you too Sunnyface:* :)