Thursday, February 11, 2010

To a Trash Magnet....with love

I was not really on a mission to clean the world. Yanked out of my comfort zone, I was dropped in the middle of Nowhere*, left wondering why I was singled out and bestowed with the ‘honor’ of being a Trash Magnet. After years of unwilling endurance, I met a fellow Trash Hero who showed me that life was not hard to get by with a pocketful of sunshine despite the truckloads of trash.

To that hero: It’s been an absolute pleasure to have met you Srinidhi Raghavan. You are the best present I never asked for but God knew I needed.

Waiting at the bus stop everyday, hordes of people pass me by and it’s startling to see how each one is a strange extension of the other...
...and then YOU come along...
A little head bobs out of a bus and there’s no need to look twice. In the everyday grey, a riot of colors is not hard to miss – you are just that. In a hop, you’re off and the spring in your step is contagious enough to make me bounce as well!! Would you believe it? Me…bouncing?!

You came into my shell and made yourself comfortable. In time, you cemented a little corner for yourself; a corner that would come to be my reservoir of happiness. Together with you, an insane joyride had only just begun.

Your chatter lended an adorable chime to the daily drone. With a smile that spread from ear to ear, you warmed everything you touched, like the first rays of the sun. It’s wonderful being at the receiving end of a heart that's so full of unconditional love.

There may be differences that put us on two planes, but getting to know you has reflected a similar core. I’m glad you’re someone who is only too happy to share my nothingness; silence has been my all time favorite conversation with you – nobody understands better.
The one time I truly loved – my love story was and still might be a disaster in slow motion. Through it all, your support has meant the world to me.

You’re moving on to clear up another part of Nowhere*, but you're leaving me with so much; a delightfully colored vocabulary, an eagerness to see what hell's like, a newly renovated and welcoming pit... We don't need to be lauded for battling life's trash; its now second nature.
This post is only my attempt at stringing together all that you have come to mean to me – my attempt at ‘Thank You’ for being a friend.

Summing up, with a beautiful song:
"You just call out my name and you know wherever i am, I'll come running to see you again. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, all you gotta do is call. I'll be there, yes i will.
You've got a friend."



  1. JANETTE RAHMAN!! how sweet are you!! :) You came into my life and warmed it up!! :) Im grateful for you! :) and god answered some prayers from deep within :) :)
    You are a blessing in disguise
    alright!! :) :) :*
    Stay smiling angel face :)
    P.s how well you write! UPDATE!! I wanna read more!! :)
    P.p.s It's barely a consolation.. but you are not alone :)
    Most love, smiles and bounces... especially wrapped in tears of gratitude! :) :*
    Fellow trash magnet :)

  2. hey janette!! just wanted you to know you write really well! i have always found it mighty hard to write about someone in particular..but you made it seem effortless almost!! guess it could have been better if there were some nasty things written about her as well :P lol just kidding! keep updatin!
    p:s nowhere=hyderabad, that was awesome!!!

  3. Thanks Parth. My dislike for Hyderabad is evident is'nt it?! It won't wane anytime soon:)
    You write really well too...reading your blog is like looking at a scary reflection!

    p.s Nidhi has to be nasty first and then the hatred will know no bounds :P